General Settings

Creating a New POP/IMAP ECN Webconnect Account

Login to the myECN Portal —   Select “My Services”   Next to the hosting service select “Manage”   Select “Email Addresses” To Create a New Address select “New Email Address” button   Enter the new email address, the domain ( in this example) has already been completed for you   Select a delivery […]

Wireless Configuration – NetComm Wireless NB604N Router

Connect to your NetComm Wireless NB604N with an Ethernet cable (yellow cable supplied) Open your web browser, e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Enter the following number into the address bar and then hit Enter on your keyboard: The modem Log In page will open. You will be prompted for a username and […]

General Settings

ECN Primary DNS Server: ECN Secondary DNS Server: Outbound SMTP Server: Inbound POP3/ IMAP Server ( addresses): Inbound POP3/IMAP Server ( address): Proxy Server: (Port 80) 3G Service Provider Code (Wireless Broadband Software): 357i4 3G Service Provider Code (Router): splns357  

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