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Configuring Bria Softphone Client – Android

The following guide outlines the steps required to configure your PBX Extension on your Android device. Download and install Bria  Softphone Client from the Google Play Store. Launch Bria On the first run you will be prompted to configure an account, if you have already setup and account, select Accounts from the settings menu. Select ‘Add […]

Listening to Another Users Voicemail

You are able to listen to another user’s voicemails by following the below short keys: Dial ‘778’ and you will receive a voice prompt asking for the following information: ‘Please enter your ID follow by #’-  Please provide the user’s extension number for the voicemail you are trying to access ‘Please enter your password followed […]

Transferring phone calls from a Cisco SPA phone

While on a phone call the phone display screen will display the “xfer” option. This option correlates to the 4th solid black key on the phone: Figure 1: the red highlighted key is the “xfer” option during a call.   Press “xfer” once, and then dial the extension number of the person you wish to […]

Sending a Virtual Fax

Virtual faxes are sent via emails. Prior to this, your email address must be allowed to send virtual faxes.   To enable a Virtual Fax Sender From the myECN Portal select your Hosted PBX service Select Addons then Configure Addons   Enable the Virtual Fax Plug In   Return the the main PBX screen and […]

Voicemail FAQ

How do I check my voicemail? Voicemail messages can be checked by dialing 777 and entering your PIN code followed by #. How do I save or delete a voicemail message? After logging into the voicemail system and listening to a message press 7 to delete the message or press 0 to save the message. […]

How to create an ad-hoc conference call

It is possible to create an ad-hoc conference call directly from an Agent’s extension at any time during a call with a customer.  For example, you have received a call from 0731051300 and wish to have another office staff member participate in the call. To create the ad-hoc conference call: press the “conf” option available […]

Enabling and configuring Account Code Dialing

To enable the Account Code Dial feature: Navigate to the PBX configuration page through the MY ECN portal and select “add-ons” from the configuration main screen. Select “configure add-ons”. Once inside the add-ons screen, select the “enable cost centre plugin” option.   After selecting this option press ‘save’ at the bottom of the page. You’ll […]

How to change and update Music On Hold

Music On Hold is heard by incoming callers while they wait for their phone call to be answered by an Agent. The Music On Hold can be changed and updated by a PBX administrator at any time. To change the Music On Hold heard by the calling customer: Log into the my.ecn portal and browse […]

Creating and configuring a Call Route

Call Routes are numbers that have been allocated to your Hosted PBX system. These numbers are usually your businesses publicly advertised contact numbers, or un-advertised direct lines. Each number must be configured in the Call Routes configuration screen in order for them to work correctly. Your Hosted PBX must first have numbers assigned to it […]

Creating a Day/Night condition

Day/Night mode allows for the configuration of office hours. When the office is detected as being open (day mode) a configurable activity will then be initiated. When the office is detected as being closed (night mode) a separate configurable activity will be initiated. Important!: As Day/Night conditions choose activities to occur (such as Ring Groups […]

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