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Creating Offices and Users

Creating an office and configuring user handsets is the first step to configuring a new PBX system. An Office is used to group users who share common configurations together. A User is someone who makes and receives calls on the PBX system. All of the below steps assume you have logged into the my.ecn portal [...]

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Voicemail FAQ

How do I check my voicemail? Voicemail messages can be checked by dialing 777 and entering your PIN code followed by #. How do I save or delete a voicemail message? After logging into the voicemail system and listening to a message press 7 to delete the message or press 0 to save the message. [...]

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Listening to Another Users Voicemail

You are able to listen to another user's voicemails by following the below short keys: Dial '778' and you will receive a voice prompt asking for the following information: 'Please enter your ID follow by #'-  Please provide the user's extension number for the voicemail you are trying to access 'Please enter your password followed [...]

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