A call queue is an alternative to a ring group. It places the caller in a queue that works on a “first in, first out” basis; the first caller into the queue is also the first caller out of the queue.

Note: The call queue can be configured to play an initial announcement informing the caller that they are in the queue, followed by playing them a “music on hold” audio file.

To create the call queue:
• Select Call Queues from the main screen in PBX
• Select Add Call Queue
• Name the queue. The name is used for administrative purposes only.
• Configure the General settings section to set parameters such as Timeout and Wrapup Time

Note: The “timeout (minutes)” option is how long the caller will be in the queue before the “next activity” option is initiated. The “wrap-up time” option is how long an agent’s phone will wait before ringing again after finishing a call.

• Configure the advanced call queue options.

• Select the extensions that will participate in the call queue.

Note: A handset can be configured to be part of both a ring group and a call queue.

If you require further assistance with creating call queues on the ECN Hosted PBX platform please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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