Relax more and worry less with the ECN Hosted Voice holiday mode. When holiday mode is activated all incoming calls will be re-directed to your office voicemail or mobile phone. First time setup of holiday mode couldn’t be easier – record your holiday mode message, select your holiday dates, choose which inbound numbers will be affected.


Please note: Access to the my.ecn portal is required to complete the following steps


Step 1 – create and record your holiday mode message

Select “recorded sounds” and choose the “add recording” option. Write “Holiday Message” in the ‘name’ field and select the next available ‘System Dial Code’ from the drop down box. Then, press “save & upload” to save the new recorded sound. Remember to press “Apply PBX changes”.


When the yellow banner stating “changes have been scheduled” is no longer visible on your screen (you will need to refresh your page), you can pick up the handset of any phone registered to your Hosted Voice system, dial the System Dial Code that you selected while creating your recording, and record your holiday message!


The message needs to be attached to an announcement in order for it to be heard by customers. To create an announcement select “announcements” and choose “add announcement”. Give the announcement the name “Holiday Announcement” and choose “Voicemail No Msg” as its next activity type. Select the extension number of the phone you would like the voicemails to be left on, and finally select “Holiday Message” from the ‘Sound File’ drop down box. Remember to select ‘Save’ when your finished.


Step 2  – Select your holiday dates

Select “Holidays” and and then select “Add Condition”. Name the holiday condition ‘Holidays’ and use the green ‘+’ symbol to create a new holiday date. Name the holiday date accordingly, and select the start time of the holiday (when you will be out of the office) and select the end time of the holiday (the day before you are back in the office). Then, select “announcement” as the holidays next activity and choose the “Holiday Announcement” option (this references the message you recorded earlier, which you have attached to an announcement in the previous step).  Remember to press ‘Save’ when you’re done.


Step 3 – Choose which inbound numbers will be affected

Select the “call routing” option, left click on your main number (or any other number customers may be calling to reach you), and tick the “Enable Holiday” option about midway down the page. Use the drop down box to select the “Holidays” holiday condition you created in the previous step. Remember to press ‘Save’ at the end of the page. Then, press “Apply PBX Changes” when prompted.



The changes will take approximately 5 minutes to apply. Once applied, your Hosted Voice system will automatically switch to the holiday condition during the dates you have specified.


If you require any further assistance please contact ECN Support on 0731051300.

Last Update: December 29, 2016  

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