A Virtual Extension is assigned an extension number and also given a name. However, virtual extensions can only be dialed from an internal number. Upon dialing the virtual extension an activity is initiated. This can be anything from entering a conference call room to dialing an external phone number, or even checking against a Day/Night condition.

Note: The timeout of the virtual extension needs to be greater than the time taken to initiate the next activity. For example, if calling an external number, the timeout must take into consideration the time taken to connect the call.

To create a virtual extension:
• Select Virtual Extensions.
• Select Add Virtual Extension.
• Configure the extension with a name. This should ideally be something that will help you identify the purpose of the Virtual Extension.
• Create a number for the Virtual Extension. This can be either a 3 or 4 digit number as it will only ever be dialled internally.
• Choose the Activity Type for the Virtual Extension. Most commonly this is chosen to be “external phone number”

• Type the external number to dial in the Activity field.
• Configure additional options such as Ring Time and Timeout Activity.
• The Ring Time field needs to be long enough to allow for call connection and for the end point to ring a sufficient number of times. 45 seconds should be plenty of time for this to occur.
• The Timeout Activity occurs when the Ring Time timer has expired. In the case of a speed dial it is acceptable to simply configure this option as “hang-up”.

• When configuration is complete or if you wish to cancel the configuration, select either save or cancel.

If you require further assistance with creating a Virtual Extension on the ECN Hosted PBX platform please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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