An Announcement will play a Recorded Sound, and as such a recorded sound must be created before creating an announcement.

Announcements can be used as part of a call flow to play back recorded sounds to the incoming caller. They can be used at any time during a call flow.
An example use of an announcement is a “service status” message heard by callers before they are connected to anyone. Another example is an “after hours” message heard by callers before they are prompted to leave a voicemail.

Creating an Announcement:
• Select Announcements > Add Announcement.
• Enter a name to identify the announcement.
• Select an Activity Type. This is the next action to occur after the caller hears the announcement.
• Select an Activity. This is just a further configuration of the Activity Type.
• Select an available Sound File from the list of recorded sounds that have been configured on your PBX.

Note: A naming scheme can help identify the purpose of an announcement.

If you require further assistance with creating an announcement on the ECN Hosted PBX platform please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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