Creating an office and configuring user handsets is the first step to configuring a new PBX system.

An Office is used to group users who share common configurations together. A User is someone who makes and receives calls on the PBX system.
All of the below steps assume you have logged into the my.ecn portal and browsed to the PBX configuration page.

To create a new office:
• Select Offices & Users.
• Select Add Office.
• Configure the settings within the Add Office view.
• Select Save after making the configurations.

Note: To make changes to the Office after the initial configuration, use the View/Edit Office tool.

To configure a user’s handset in the newly created office:
• Select Add User to Office (Note: this is the green + button)
• Configure the settings for the handset, making sure to use auto provision if you are using a supported handset.
• Save the configuration using the Save button
• Press apply when prompted by the system that there are pending changes yet to be applied.

You can view an already created Office and manage the existing Users at any time by returning to the Offices & Users screen from the PBX configuration page.

If you require further assistance with creating offices & users on the ECN Hosted PBX platform please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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