Recorded sounds are used in a number of call flow items, For example: Auto Attendant or Announcements. A recorded sound can be uploaded using a sound file recorded on a PC, mobile device or recorded via a handset using the assigned dial code.

Note: Supported file formats for upload: wav, mp3, mp4, m4a

To create a recorded sound:
• Log into the my.ecn portal and browse to the PBX configuration page.
• Select Recorded Sounds.
• Select Add Recording.
• Give the recording an appropriate name to help identify its purpose. The name is for administrative purposes only. For example “Busy Announcement” or “After Hours IVR”.
• Choose a system dial code for the sound. This is the code that will be used when recording the sound via a handset. Alternatively a sound file can be uploaded.
• Select Save & Upload when you wish to save the configuration for that sound.

To record a sound for a recorded sound file from a handset:
• Using a registered handset with “update recordings via handset” enabled, dial the system dial code.
• You will be prompted on when to begin the recording and how to specify the end of the recording.
• The handset being used should be a corded handset phone and not a wireless DECT phone.

After creating the recorded sound: 

Once the recorded sound has been created, you can then link it to other items in the PBX such as Announcements, Ring Groups, or an IVR.


If you require further assistance with creating a recorded sound on the ECN Hosted PBX platform please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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