Eavesdropping enables the ability to listen or “eavesdrop” on a call, this is useful for call centre training operations where a Supervisor or Manager can listen to an agent’s live call and provide real time feedback.


Enabling and configuring EavesDrop

To enable the Account Code Dial feature, navigate to the PBX configuration page through the My ECN portal and select “add-ons” from the configuration main screen. Then, select “configure add-ons”.

Once inside the add-ons screen, select the “EavesDropping” option.



After selecting this option press ‘save’ at the bottom of the page. You’ll be taken back to the main PBX configuration page.


After enabling eavesdrop, all extensions will now have the ability to be eavesdropped, to restrict enable extension privacy.


Enable Manager/Supervisor

The enable a Manager/Supervisor extension and the ability to eavesdrop on an extension check the “Enable Eaves Dropping” checkbox under the Manager/Supervisor’s extension



Eavesdrop Privacy

To restrict the ability for an extension to be eavesdropped Extension Privacy will need to be enabled, to enable check the “Enable Extension Privacy” checkbox.



Eavesdrop on another User

To eavesdrop on a user from an Manager/Supervisor extension dial:

88 Extension Number

Where extension number is the 3 or 4 digit extension number of the user you wish to eavesdrop.


In Call Controls  

During a call a Manager/Supervisor has the ability to to speak with a user, the remote party or both.


For Outgoing Calls For Incoming Calls
Press 1 to Speak with the remote party

Press 2 to Speak with the PBX user
Press 3 to Engage a three way
Press 0 to Mute eavesdrop

Press 1 to Speak with the PBX user

Press 2 to Speak with the remote party
Press 3 to Engage a three way
Press 0 to Mute eavesdrop


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