Creating a static conference number with Caller Passcode

The ECN Hosted PBX system supports the use of static conference room numbers. These numbers may be dialed at any time by external customers or internal phone system users to be connected to an allocated conference room.  The static number may also be given a Caller Passcode to authenticate users before allowing them to participate in the conference room.

To create the static conference room you will require at least 1 spare, un-allocated number assigned to your Hosted PBX system. If you require additional numbers please contact ECN on 0731051300.

Creating a conference room in the My ECN portal:

After logging into the My ECN portal and selecting your PBX service you will be presented with the main page.

From the main page select the “Call Routing” option and then select “Add Call Route”.

From the drop down box choose a phone number. Also remember to select the time zone and optionally set a call alert name.

Looking further down the page you will see the “Caller Passcode” field. By ticking this box you will enable the Caller Passcode feature. Any callers dialing the phone number chosen for this call route will be required to enter the Caller Passcode number before being connected to the conference room.

Finally, select which conference room you would like to be connected to after dialing the number chosen for this call route.

There are a total of 5 conference rooms available. Each conference room can have either a single number routing to it or multiple numbers routing to it, each of which can be assigned a Caller Passcode.

What are conference rooms?

The ECN Hosted PBX system supports up to 5 individual conference rooms. Each “room” is a private conference held between only the participating parties. In this way it is possible to have 5 simultaneous conferences occurring at any time without any overlap between each of the rooms.

Using virtual extensions with conference rooms:

When calling into a conference room internally it may be more convenient to dial a 3 or 4 digit number instead of a 10 digit number. Virtual extensions can be created for this very purpose.

From the main PBX configuration screen select the “Virtual Extension” option.

Select “Add Virtual Extension” to create the new Virtual Extension. You will need to give it a name, number and next activity.

Once you have saved and applied the configuration for the new Virtual Extension you will be able to call it internally to be connected to the assigned conference room.


For further information:

If you require any further assistance or still have questions, please contact ECN Support on 0731051300.

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