Configuring a Yealink W52P without Option 66

In some instances it may be necessary to configure a Yealink W52P without the use of DHCP Option 66. Unless you have specifically configured it on your network it is usually safe to assume you do not have DHCP Option 66 and should follow this guide when configuring a Yealink W52P.


Log into the My.ECN portal and locate the Hosted PBX service the phone should be registered to. The Hosted PBX service can be found in the My Services section under the Voice tab. Once you have located the service, left click on its name to be taken to its configuration page.

Please note: The Hosted PBX service you are selecting from your own account will have a different name when compared to the above example images. 


After being taken to the Hosted PBX configuration page select the Offices & Users tab.


Selecting Offices & Users will take you to a new page. From this page you can edit existing offices and users, or create new ones if necessary. Locate the extension you would like to register as a Yealink W52P and left click on its name to be taken to the extension configuration page. In this example extension 101 (101) is the extension being configured.


After selecting the extension, tick the radio button for Auto Provisioning to see the options related to auto provisioning a handset. In the Phone Type field select Yealinkand then select Yealink W52P. In the Mac Address field enter the Mac address of the Yealink W52P. This is found on the back of the base station or on the Status page of the phones web configuration page.


Select Save & Close at the end of the extension configuration page.


After selecting Save & Close, be sure to apply the new configuration by selecting Apply PBX Changes on the yellow banner at the top of the webpage.


The changes will take 5 minutes to apply. The yellow banner will inform you that changes are pending. Once the yellow banner has disappeared from the page (you may need to refresh the page periodically to check) you can safely assume the changes have been successfully applied.


Log into the Yealink W52P web configuration page by using a web browser to browse to the phones IP address.

Please note: The IP address of your Yealink W52P may be different to the IP address pictured in these example images.


If you need to obtain the IP address of your Yealink W52P you can do so by performing the following steps from one of the wireless handsets associated with the Yealink W52P base station:

  1. Press “end call” (red button) until you are back on the home screen.
  2. Press the “ok” button.
  3. Select “status” (the icon with a blue circle and the letter “i” in the middle) and press “ok”.
  4. Select “base” and press “ok”.

The phone will show “IP: x.x.x.x” where x.x.x.x is the phones IP address (for example,,, or


At the login prompt, enter the following credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin


You will be taken to the phones Status page after successfully logging in.


Select the Phone tab and then select the Auto Provision option from the menu on the left side of the interface:


Enter the following information into the Server URL field:


Select Confirm at the end of the page, wait for the page to reload and then select Autoprovision Now:


The base station will reboot itself and begin downloading its configuration.  It may reboot more than once and take several minutes to complete its configuration. You can verify that the setup of the phone is complete by looking at the Account tab on the Yealink W52P web configuration page and making sure the details you see match the details of the extension in the ECN Hosted PBX portal:

Please note: The above example images show the successful configuration of extension 101 (101) on the Yealink W52P.




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