Music On Hold is heard by incoming callers while they wait for their phone call to be answered by an Agent. The Music On Hold can be changed and updated by a PBX administrator at any time.

To change the Music On Hold heard by the calling customer:

  • Log into the my.ecn portal and browse to the PBX configuration screen.
  • Select Music On Hold.
  • Select the Music On Hold stream you wish to configure. By default, a PBX will have a single stream called “default”. If you require additional Music On Hold streams please contact ECN on 07 3105 1300.
  • Select the audio file you wish to upload to the music on hold stream by browsing for it using the “select” option.
  • Upload the file to the music on hold stream by using the “upload” option.
  • Delete the old audio file using the “delete” option that corresponds to the old audio file.

1.       Files in this stream

It is possible to listen to or delete an audio file from a stream using the corresponding options as shown in the screenshot.

2.       Add music to this stream

The options in this configuration box allow the user to add music to this music on hold stream.

3.       Select

Use this option to select the desired audio file for upload into the music on hold stream.

4.       Upload

Once the desired audio file has been selected, upload it using the upload option.

By default all Music On Hold streams will have a generic file labeled “ponce-preludio-in-e-major.wav”. If you wish to delete this file you must first upload a new file to the Music On Hold stream.

If you require further assistance configuring a Music On Hold stream please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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