It is possible to create an ad-hoc conference call directly from an Agent’s extension at any time during a call with a customer.  For example, you have received a call from 0731051300 and wish to have another office staff member participate in the call.

To create the ad-hoc conference call:

  • press the “conf” option available to you when on the phone with the customer you wish to start a conference call with.
  • Dial the extension number of the office staff member you wish to include in the conference call.
  • Wait for the office staff member to answer the call and communicate to you that they are ready.
  • Press the “conf” button a second time to complete the process.

Now the customer, the office staff member and the person who initially answered the customers call are all able to communicate with each other.

This process is identical to performing a normal call transfer, only you’re using the “conf” option instead of the “xfer” option.

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