Virtual faxes are sent via emails. Prior to this, your email address must be allowed to send virtual faxes.


To enable a Virtual Fax Sender

From the myECN Portal select your Hosted PBX service

Select Addons then Configure Addons


Enable the Virtual Fax Plug In


Return the the main PBX screen and select Addons the Virtual Fax


Select Add Virtual Fax Sender


Enter your email address into the Senders Email field, select the Outbound Caller ID – This is your fax number


A list of allowed email addresses will be displayed along with the outbound caller ID


Sending a Virtual Fax

The document you wish to fax must be in PDF format on your computer. To send the document as a fax open a new email. Use the following format for your new email:

Subject: [target number eg 0731051300] Attachment: [fax document].pdf
Body: Fax header page

At this point you are now able to press send. The attached PDF document will be received by the target fax number as a normal fax.

Virtual Faxing is a beta product and as such may not be suitable to your particular requirements. If you require further assistance sending a virtual fax please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

Last Update: October 26, 2016  

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