While on a phone call the phone display screen will display the “xfer” option. This option correlates to the 4th solid black key on the phone:

Figure 1: the red highlighted key is the “xfer” option during a call.


Press “xfer” once, and then dial the extension number of the person you wish to transfer the call to. For example: 401. Then press “dial”. This will dial the extension number you have just specified.

At this stage there are two ways to finish the call transfer:

  • To blind transfer a caller, press the “xfer” button again before the other user has picked up the phone.
  • To warm transfer the caller, wait for the other user to answer their phone and announce that you have a customer to speak to them. Press the “xfer” button when ready.


When the call has transferred successfully, the first user will no longer have the customers call on their phone.

A warm transfer can be cancelled either before the other user picks up the phone, or after they have picked up the phone by hanging up the phone to cancel the call. The customer will still be on hold. To speak with the customer again press the “Hold” button.

If a call times out while trying to contact another user, a series of beeping tones will be heard for approx. 10 seconds. After these tones are heard, it will be possible to take the customer off hold.

If you require further assistance with call transferring please contact ECN Support on 07 3105 1300.

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